Geeky Gift-Giving, Pt 4: GAMERS

by T. Mack

It’s the fourth day of my geeky gift-giving guide for 2017. I’m helping you find something cool for your loved one who enjoys gaming. I am not personally a gamer, but my significant other definitely is. So this list is as much for me as it is for you. Let’s get into it.


Gamer Dishes

Let’s jump right in with this bowl and mug that will let your gamer express himself or herself while they eat their 8th bowl of cereal during their 6th straight hour of game play. Or maybe that’s just my guy.

Tee Shirts

T-shirts are always, always, always a great choice for nerds, geeks, and gamers. They serve the purpose of clothing you in the socially accepted custom of our society and the right one can help you let everyone know exactly what you stand for.

Wall Decor

Every gamer needs the right space in which to claim victory over their enemies. Depending on your gamer’s devotion to certain systems, one or all of these prints may be just the thing to adorn that sacred place.

Gamer Home art

Light Bar Controller Decals

These decals help gamers level up with customized controllers.


Joystick Tie

It’s true. Almost no one likes wearing ties. But if they must, they can at least have a little fun with it. For the gamer in your life who is forced to wear a tie at least occasionally, this might be the perfect thing to help them out.

Gamer tie

Gaming in Progress Sign

For those times when your gamer needs to let you and everyone else know that they are unavailable.

Gaming sign

What do you think of these ideas for the gamer in your life? If you’re a gamer, would you like to see any of these in your gift haul this year? Let me know in the comments and be sure to check out the rest of this week’s gift guide:


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