Geek Chic: Kingdom Hearts Bracelet

By Jen P

Paopu Fruit Bracelet, to share with a loved one so “your destinies will become intertwined”.

Etsy Shop: Gadget4Entertainment

Price: $16.44 plus shipping

Find it here. And be sure to check the shop for other Kingdom Hearts bracelets, rings and necklaces, as well as those for other fandoms.

Geek Chic: There Be Dragons

By Jen P

For about $350, you can be the proud owner of this stunning corset (find it here). Head over to Etsy shop MirirArtSteampunk to find this lovely piece and more. The artist creates unique steampunk items, as low as $23 (the corset is the priciest item in the shop). All items are handmade in Italy, so Christmas delivery is highly doubtful this year, but reviewers suggest her items are worth the wait.

Happy shopping, Geeks!

Geek Chic: Ugly Christmas Sweater Edition

By Jen P

Yeah, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. And no, I’m not one of those Christmas-season-begins-the-day-after-Halloween crazies. But I am a realist; and there’s a tiny window before the crazies descend upon the good merch and clear it out. (I’m speaking from experience. I waited until the last minute last year and had to settle for a Target Star Wars sweater when I really wanted a suit covered in leg lamps.) So if you want to impress at this years office Christmas party, read on and buy some of this epic stock before December first. You can thank me later.  Continue reading

Geek Chic: Bookish edition!

by Taylor

Gather round, fellow book lovers, because I’m about to tell you about the cutest and geekiest book related items you can find while still supporting small businesses. From bookmarks to subscription boxes, this article will cover it all. Get your wallets ready. These items will have you wanting to treat yo’ self!

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