Dani’s Top 10 Shows to Binge-Watch this Summer

By: Dani

T. Mack and Jen P have had their chance to tell which shows top their lists. Now it’s my turn.

1. Buffy the Vampire Slayer
BWbuffyThis summer is the perfect time to watch the best vampire series from the beginning. Even if you have already seen every episode, it’s always nice to follow our favorite slayer as she saves the world time and time again. Between all of the snippy one-liners, teenage angst, and fan-favorite episodes like “Hush” and “Once more, with feeling” there are tons of reasons to either re-visit or discover the cult hit! At 7 seasons, it may take a bit to get through the whole series but it is definitely worth it.

2. Angel

BWangelIf you watch Buffy, you definitely have to follow it up with Angel. The vampire with a soul got his own spinoff for 5 seasons and took some familiar characters with him. Angel, Cordy, and Wesley along with Fred and Gunn make this spinoff just as good as the parent show. Thankfully, the one-liners that Buffy was famous for also made the jump over to Angel. Get your fill of vampires for the summer with the two shows that did them first and did them right!

3. CharmedBWcharmedEight seasons of sisters, witches, romance, and the big bad evil equals a week of binge-watching pleasure for you! Charmed is full of drama, supernatural turmoil, romantic encounters, and beautiful people. What more do you need? How about pixies, ghosts, leprechauns, demons, angels, fairies, and a cupid? ‘Cuz Charmed has all of these, too!

4. Veronica MarsBWveronicmarsIf you want some mystery mixed in with your summer binge-watching, then Veronica Mars is the show for you! Veronica has a case of the week for each episode while also solving a series long mystery each season. And at only three seasons, it’s the perfect length for a long, relaxing weekend. Not to mention the beautiful SoCal scenery, which can help transport you to that white sand beach that wasn’t in the budget this summer! Make sure when you finish the series that you check out the movie, too!

5. Scandal
BWscandalIf you are low on drama this summer, you need Scandal in your life. Stat. Olivia Pope handles everyone else’s problems but always seems to have problems of her own. And these aren’t just “I broke a nail” types of problems. These are “I’m having an affair with the President of the United States” types of problems. Pope is the epitome of a badass woman…except when the President is concerned. You will find yourself cheering for her and cursing her in the same episode. Scandal is still in production so now is the perfect time to watch the first three seasons so you will be caught up in September when new episodes start to air.

6. How to Get Away With MurderBWHTGAWMAnother Shonda Rhimes creation is How to Get Away with Murder, and it is just as drama-filled as its predecessor. It follows Annalise Keating, a hotshot defense attorney that finds herself embroiled in a murder scandal after being hired to defend the accused college co-ed. The show has murder, sex, affairs, and cover-ups. There has only been one season so far and it only had 15 episodes so it will take no time at all to bring yourself up-to-date before the new season starts.

7. FriendsBWfriendsFriends is Friends. Is there really any reason not to watch every episode of the best sitcom ever?? At 10 seasons you may be thinking there is no way you can watch every episode this summer, but it is definitely doable. Each episode is only about 24 minutes. You will have a whole season watched before you even realize it. And as soon as you watch the opening scene of Rachel running in to Central Perk in her wedding dress, you will remember why you love this show so much. There are too many iconic scenes to list them all but here is a few: Rachel and Ross kissing outside Central Perk, Monica with a turkey on her head, Ross saying the wrong name at his wedding, Chandler and Monica getting married, Ugly Naked Guy, Phoebe singing “Smelly Cat”, Joey saying “How you doin’?” Seriously, I could go on and on.

8. Mistresses

BWmistressesNeed a guilty pleasure this summer? Mistresses has you covered. The first two seasons follow four women that are best friends and happen to be in some way or another involved in an affair. One is sleeping with married man, one is having an affair, one gets cheated on, and one starts a lesbian affair. The repercussions from all of the sleeping around make for some deliciously dramatic television. The third season is airing right now so get started on that binge-watch so you can catch up on what is currently happening with these four drama queens.

9. Criminal Minds

Bwcriminalminds10 seasons is definitely an impressive feat to take on, but when every episode will show you another way a serial killer can take you out then why wouldn’t you just jump right in? Wait, maybe that’s not the right way to convince you to watch this show. Unless you are like me, which in that case my work is done. But for everyone else, Criminal Minds has a ton going for it. Drama, suspense, mystery, a likeable team, and insight into the some of the twisted minds out there are just some of the reasons why you should add this one to your list. Oh, and did I mention Shemar Moore? Can I just say “Yes, please!” Season 11 will air in September!

10. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

BWSVUSVU is one of my all-time favorite shows, and at a whopping 16 seasons and more to come, there is a lot to love. It will definitely take you a good chunk of time to get through the whole series, but the great thing about SVU is that each episode is its own entity. You don’t have to watch the entire thing from the beginning to be able to understand and appreciate any given episode. So if you want to cherry-pick your favorites that is perfectly fine. But don’t get me wrong, if you can watch the entire thing from the beginning, then do it! Become the superfan you were destined to be!

Will you be binge-watching any of these this summer? What shows are on your list? Let me know in the comments!

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