Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer from D23 Expo

By Jen P

Monsters, toys, and hair… oh my!

Kingdom Hearts is a third-person fantasy game that combines the worlds of Final Fantasy and Disney. You follow the protagonist, Sora, and his two friends, Donald and Goofy, on an adventure through various Disney-based realms, rescuing princesses and restoring hearts. For any true Disney fan, it’s kind of amazing.

For all those who don’t know of my obsession with Kingdom Hearts, I briefly touch on it in our most recent Vlog. Simply put, I’m obsessed… probably on an unhealthy level. For years (YEARS!!!), I’ve been waiting for the third installment in the franchise. Finally, it seems Square Enix is finally ready to live up to their promises with a release set for late 2018.

I’ll believe it when I see it, but for now, here’s the newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3. Enjoy!

‘Suicide Squad’ Trailer: The Reasons I’m Not Watching

by T. Mack

Suicide_Squad trailer 1

This week saw the release of a new Suicide Squad trailer. I am so stinkin’ excited about this movie! I absolutely adore Harley Quinn and I’m hoping against hope that this will be the DC film to start a trend of really good DC movies. Probably not. But I choose to be optimistic. All that being said, I’m opting out of taking a look at this latest trailer and will probably continue doing so until the movie’s release in August. I know what you’re thinking. What reason could I possibly have to do that when I’m totally stoked about the film? Well, I’ll give you five reasons. Continue reading