by T. Mack


Universal Pictures listened to us following Snow White and the Huntsman. We didn’t like K-Stew. She’s out. We loved Charlize. She’s back. We hated the underdeveloped and awkward romantic non-plot. This time, love is determined to conquer all. What’s that you say? There was no humor in the last movie? Here you go… jokes, jokes everywhere! Thank you, Universal, for listening. Too bad the result was an entertaining but messy bit of cinema that felt like there were far too many cooks in the kitchen while it was being baked. Continue reading

This Week’s New Movie Trailers

by T. Mack


It’s true that many movie trailers these days show us more than we care to see before watching the actual film. However, I still love to watch them. This week, there were a few new trailers that are totally worth discussing. I already shared my thoughts and feelings on Wednesday regarding the first teaser for Now You See Me 2. Here are a few thoughts on 4 more trailers that hit the net this week. And of course, I have each trailer right her for you to see.  Continue reading