My Emotional Journey with the NYSM2 Teaser Trailer

by T. Mack


I was one of  the people who liked 2013’s Now You See Me.  Yes, the twist made everything nearly impossible because “how could this person have possibly known that person would do this thing and exactly that time and so forth and so on.” But I loved it anyway. I thought it was a fun and exciting story that was well-acted and kind of magical, even though all the magic is explained in the end. I also greatly enjoyed the cast’s chemistry, though the final romantic push felt a bit forced. The movie’s end left a garage-sized door open for a sequel to barrel through. Though I liked the film, I mostly hoped another movie wouldn’t happen. I didn’t have confidence that it could become a quality franchise. However, the sequel was greenlit. I sat back and completely ignored all developments regarding the project while I waited for the next film to arrive.

Today, the first teaser has hit the net and I am simultaneously disappointed by what I see and totally committed to seeing it when it hits theaters. Here’s why… Continue reading