EMERALD CITY: Another New Show Coming this Fall

By: Dani


The Wizard of Oz is getting yet another remake in the form of a new show on NBC. This show already has a rich history. Before it was announced earlier this month for next season, the show had already been nixed and revived…NBC ordered another 10-episode series of the show (now with David Schulner at the helm) after killing the first order. The show’s premise stays close to that of the classic movie…in the beginning, at least. A tornado sweeps away 20-yr old Dorothy Gale and her K-9 police dog to another world. A world full of magic, witches, battles for power, and creatures of darkness. Unlike the movie, the show will put a dark spin on the Land of Oz, and Dorothy will not be so helpless. Her character is actually described as a Warrior, which will be a nice deviation from the original. Continue reading

MINORITY REPORT: Another New Show Coming this Fall

By Dani

https://i0.wp.com/cdn.movieweb.com/img.news.tops/NE5B9arjwHGX8c_1_b.jpg Minority Report is coming to the small screen as a new show on FOX. Minority Report was originally a Steven Spielberg blockbuster from 2002 that was very favorably reviewed and made tons of money…and starred Tom Cruise. Spielberg’s production company is backing the show and after seeing the pilot, Spielberg was impressed enough to decide to take an Executive Producer credit for the show. The TV adaptation will star Stark Sands as a pre-cog trying to blend in with the real world while dealing with his psychic abilities. Megan Good comes in as a detective that offers Sands’ character a possible use for his talents. The storyline picks up 10 years after the movie ended which showed the pre-crime unit scrapped.

The show is already being hailed as one of the best coming this Fall. Take a look at this preview and let me know what you think!

Are you a fan of the Minority Report movie that inspired this show? Do you think the show can fill the big shoes of such a hit movie? Will you be watching the show when it premiers this Fall? Tell us why or why not in the comments.

THE FRANKENSTEIN CODE: Another New Show Coming this Fall

By Jen P.


Hot, modern-day, Frankenstein Monster fighting crime? Yes, thank you. The Frankenstein Code airs this Fall on Fox, and it follows the story of 75-year-old Jimmy Pritchard (Philip Baker Hall) after he’s murdered and brought back to life as his younger, crazy-hunky self (Rob Kazinsky, Pacific Rim and True Blood). Old guy in a young guy’s body… Twilight anyone? But you know I don’t mind. Continue reading

THE MUPPETS: Another New Show Coming this Fall

By T. Mack


The Muppets return to TV this Fall with a show that’s all grown up. Done in the now-overused documentary style (a-la-The-Office), the show will follow our favorite Muppets–and some we don’t know as well–as they go along their everyday lives. It looks like it may be a show about making a show (think Sports Night). The Muppets were babies when I was growing up. Now, I can’t help but be a bit excited about getting to watch them be adults. See the preview for the new show below.

Will you check out The Muppets this Fall? Do you think the documentary style for television shows needs to end? Do you remember Muppet Babies? Let us know in the comments.


SCREAM QUEENS: Another New Show Coming this Fall

By T. Mack


The folks who brought us Glee and American Horror Story are bringing us a new show later this year about a sorority that begins to experience a series of grisly murders. The horror comedy is titled Scream Queens and will premier on FOX this Fall. The show features an all-star lineup that includes Jaime Lee Curtis (the original scream queen), Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin and KeKe Palmer among otherrs. Ariana Grande and Nick Jonas are set to guest star. Check out the preview below.

What do you think of this trailer? Are you excited about Scream Queens? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.

LIMITLESS: Another New Show Coming This Fall

By T. Mack


In 2011, Bradley Cooper starred in Limitless, a film about a man who discovers a drug called NTZ which allows access to 100% of brain power* and makes a person’s abilities nearly–you guessed it–limitless. The film was a pretty good time and getting to stare at Bradley Cooper for two hours just made it  that much better. Now, Cooper will reprise his role (in a recurring capacity) and act as producer on a new television series based on the movie. The show will premier this Fall on CBS and pick up after the events of the film. Check out the preview for the new series below. Continue reading