Movie Review: MAGIC MIKE XXL

By: Dani

Movies iconI know what you’re thinking. Magic Mike XXL doesn’t really fall into the typical realm of SisterGeeks, but I beg to differ. Magic Mike XXL is full of very hot and barely clothed men dancing for the enjoyment of women, and since we are all about girl power here at SG, this puts it in every girl’s realm. Geeky or not geeky. So this weekend I, as a “woman, hear me roar,” indulged in some pure objectification of the male species. And it was wonderful. Continue reading

Happy Friday! Here’s a Treat…

By T. Mack

Entertainment Weekly has just blessed us with a new cover for the coming month which features a few of the men from the upcoming Magic Mike XXL. I’ll let you head over to to read all about the film, the stars and their interview with magazine. This moment here on SisterGeeks is not for reading. It’s for looking… and gazing… and drooling… and chuckling just a bit. Enjoy! Continue reading