Wayward Pines: Where Conformity is King and Monsters Rule

by: Ana

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Wayward Pines is a TV show that is currently airing its second season.  It is executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan who previously received attention for films such as The Sixth Sense, Signs, and The Village.  I feel that with any M. Night project, you have to look at it with an open mind.  I don’t consider myself to be either a hardcore fan of his or an anti-fan, but instead an observer who likes to contemplate on his themes and characters. Continue reading

The Movie “Uncanny”Explores Robot and Human Emotions

by: Ana

First of all, I would like to say I was pleasantly surprised by this movie.  A viewer always has to be a little skeptical when they see a three star rating on a movie they’ve never heard of, but sometimes it really pays off to press the play button and see what happens.

Uncanny poster

The movie Uncanny introduces us to a scientist who lives in an expensive security locked apartment with the robot he has created.  Continue reading

The Evolution of the Geek

by Ana

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I think we’ve all been there-that moment when you realize that you know all there is to know about one particular subject. You have become an expert, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve got the I.Q. of Einstein. It just means you’ve got a lot of random facts in your brain that you will probably never use (unless you’re like me and you’re convinced that you’ll be forced to survive in a zombie apocalypse someday-ha ha).

So, what makes someone a “geek”? I was thinking today that the word geek has gone through an evolution over the years on what it means. I also thought it might be fun to look at some pictures, point and laugh, and oooooh and ahhhh over how different that word is today. Continue reading