The Americans: We Take a Sly Look Back and Anxiously Wait for 2018’s Final Season

The Americans: We Take a Sly Look Back and Anxiously Wait for 2018’s Final Season

by: Ana

Shows that take place in the past are always a tricky situation.  You have to get the hair right, the clothes right, and tell events in history as if the viewers are truly experiencing it in the moment.

“The Americans” isn’t just a show about spies, it’s so much more.  This is a show about family, teamwork, loyalty, betrayal, morality, love, and hate.  It encompasses science and religion and questions if secrets really are ever secrets.americanscanren4 Continue reading

Amazon’s Show ‘Lore’ Combines Film with Podcasts

Amazon’s Show ‘Lore’ Combines Film with Podcasts

by: Ana

I wasn’t looking for it…it just popped up on my Facebook News Feed, but when I saw the promo for Amazon’s new show “Lore” I was immediately curious.  The promo showed different stories set in the past.  One showed a doctor with an ice pick, another a creepy doll, and yet another a man accusing a woman of not really being his wife.  Each story looked interesting, but I didn’t understand what made it different from other TV shows.  That is, until I watched it.lore-amazon-poster

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The Plan…Was To Party…

the plan

The Plan…Was To Party…
By: Ana

The car trip seemed unbearably long. Eva’s dad had just told her that he and her mom were getting a divorce. She wasn’t shocked. They had been fighting for years, but still she felt like a kid peeking into the ocean and realizing that life was so much bigger than she thought. Continue reading

Movie Stars Make Bigger Names for Themselves on TV Screens

Movie Stars Make Bigger Names for Themselves on TV Screens

by: Ana

The term movie star-it meant such a different thing so long ago…if you made it big in a motion picture, well, then everyone wanted to be just like you.  However, the shine has begun to wear off the term and we’re finding that more and more big names are transitioning from theater to the small screen viewing parties of our generation…IMG_2247

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