A Geek-Lover’s Gift-Giving Practicum

by T. Mack

prac·ti·cum = a practical section of a course of study

Welcome back to our week of gift-giving guidance here at Sister Geeks. On Tuesday, I gave 9 (hopefully) helpful tips for giving the perfect gifts to geeks. Today, as promised, I’m giving examples of how to put Tip #8: Don’t Be Afraid to Combine Their Interests into action. I’m eager to show you just how much fun this whole endeavor can really be. So let’s get things started!

gift in bag

Example #1: Your friend “P”

P is a stay-at-home mom who loves wine, good-looking vampires, and sexually charged literature. She also enjoys superhero films, cosplay, and unicorns. Her favorite times of year include–but are not limited to–Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas and Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. We could go on, but that’s a lot to work with so we’ll stop there. Let’s hop on over to Etsy.com (because it’s my personal fave; the finds are always so unique) and pick two of P’s interests, wine and sharks. Here’s a few of the selections we get:


Links: #1, #2, #3

But then, let’s say this Mommy Shark has recently decided to get healthy and is cutting back on the booze. Well, just shift your selection over to a shark-themed water bottles instead, and viola:


Links: #1, #2, #3

But you don’t really dig on any of these. Plus you just remembered that P’s kitchen cabinets are overflowing with mugs and cups of all shapes and sizes. The last thing she needs is another drinking implement. So we need to try again. But speaking of the kitchen… Let’s combine unicorns and cooking. Because P is that mom who’s always cooking and baking with her kiddos. Maybe we can find something there. We search “unicorn baking.” And we find the perfect thing for this friend who is so damned extra, she would be completely enamored of this item right here:


It’s a Unicorn Chase Your Dreams Silicone Pancake Mold by PancakePresentsGifts. It’s less than $12 before shipping and it’s perfect. Totally unique, insanely outrageous, and perfect for the unicorn-loving mom who would absolutely put sprinkles on her kids’ pancakes. She’ll love it. And you can still bookmark the other stuff for Christmas if you want.

Example #2: Your friend “E”

E enjoys television and until recently (season 8, to be precise), was completely obsessed with Game of Thrones. Cercei Lannister was his absolute favorite character.  E loves Harry Potter and is a proud Hufflepuff. While E is down to earth, he is also somewhat posh and likes to indulge in the finer things whenever possible. While his home and kitchen are immaculately decorated with all the shiny tools of domesticity, this bachelor does not cook. Instead, he eats out. When he throws a party, he caters in. His favorite city in the world is New Orleans, though his walls are decorated to honor his hometown two states away from NOLA. While out with friends, E prefers top-shelf drinks. E’s gifts must have a certain air of sophistication, and seem like you spent a lot, even when you didn’t. Let’s return to Etsy.com to see what we might find there:

GoT Whiskey Set

After a bit of searching, you find this Game of Thrones Personalized Whiskey Decanter gift set that is both sophisticated and within budget starting at just under $30 for the decanter alone.

But then you remember that E was a bit put out with GoT after that last season, so he may not be totally enamored of a gift under that umbrella. Okay. That’s fine. Let’s hop on over to Amazon.com and try to search for New Orleans gifts instead. Here are some interesting options that pop up:


Links: #1, #2, #3

All of these gifts are equally nice and they are all reasonably priced somewhere between $13 and $30. The one most likely to get any real use, though, is the cocktail book, which could actually see some action at E’s next big party. So you order the book and wrap it up, knowing he won’t use it often, but he will like it, nonetheless.

Example #3: Your friend “D”

D is a nice girl with simple, yet earnest tastes. She likes mystery novels and true crime podcasts. She has two cats but still gets frustrated that her clothes are covered in hair. She does not like to be cold. She is staunchly solid in her many fandoms but manages not to act like too much of a snob about them… most of the time. She has too many favorite TV shows to be able to tell you her single fave. She also loves movies. If the movie is based on a book, then yes, she did read the book first. Yes, the book was better. And yes, she is silently judging you for not having read the book. Also, she’d rather be reading a book right now–any book–than standing here talking to you.

By now, you might have gotten the hang of this. D is obviously a book girl. So it makes sense to start there. She likes to be warm, so let’s think cozy and see what we come up with. Let’s hop over to Etsy.com and start our search with “I’m reading” to see what rabbit hole we find to scurry down. Turns out that search led us to “rather be reading” and “I’m booked.” Between those three, there were some nice treasures to be found for a sassy bookworm like D. Here are just a tiny selection of the items that popped up:


Links: #1, #2, #3, #4


Links: #1, #2, #3


Links: #1, #2

Any of these items would be perfect for D. Knowing me, I’d buy one of the bags and fill it with one of the shirts, the socks, and two of the mugs, then give the whole thing as a themed set. But I tend to go overboard… a bit.

And that’s how you play this game, boys and girls. Follow the tips I gave you on Tuesday, use your insight, pick your preferred vendor, and begin searching. You can find cool things for the geek in your life. Things that will surprise you and them. Fun, unique, useful, and interesting things. Give it a try. You might find that gift-giving season becomes one of your new favorite times of the year.

Did any of these gifts appeal to you? Do you think this is a good way to find gifts for the geek in your life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


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