Outlander Season 3 Casting Update + a Bonus

by Jennifer

Joe Abernathy – Wil Johnson


Joe is Claire’s fellow doctor and friend, the person she trusts most in Boston, where she is a surgeon. As she wrestles with what to do next after finding out that Jamie survived Culloden, Joe becomes her touchstone and Brianna’s guardian. British actor Wil Johnson has been tapped to play Joe to Balfe’s Claire. His previous credits include British television dramas such as Waking the Dead, Emmerdale, and The Five.

Young Ian Murray – John Bell      


Much like Graham MacTavish, John Bell also has acting credits from the Hobbit trilogy, appearing in two of the three films, as well as in an episode of Doctor Who (“Utopia”) and in the History Channel miniseries Hatfields & McCoys. Bell will play Young Ian, the youngest son of Ian and Jenny Murray and Jamie’s nephew. After Claire’s return to Lallybroch and the Fraser family she left behind, Young Ian runs into trouble, big trouble, that forces Jamie and Claire to go to great lengths to rescue him. Young Ian plays a big role in Outlander’s later books so Bell’s tenure on the series is likely to last as long as the series itself does.

Adult Fergus Fraser – César Domboy


French actor Domboy has a number of acting credits in his native France, but American audiences might know him from The Borgias television and the movie The Walk (2015). He is set to play Fergus Fraser, Jamie’s adopted son whose younger version was played by Romann Berrux in season 2. With the jump forward twenty years in season 3, not only will we see an adult version of Fergus, but we will also see his role in the Fraser family expand after Claire returns and the Frasers have a change in their geographical circumstances.

Lord John Grey – David Berry


David Berry may not have any roles that American audiences will know right now, but no doubt his role as the adult Lord John Grey, who we met briefly as a teenager in season 2, will give this Australian actor ample opportunity to introduce himself. Lord John plays a large role in Jamie Fraser’s life during the twenty years Claire has been absent and, after her return, will continue to figure into the Frasers’ life off and on. Berry’s tenure with Outlander promises to be a long one if the show continues to follow the book series.

New Entertainment Weekly Cover

Entertainment Weekly’s upcoming issue features the first stills from season 3 as the first block of filming conclude and the second picks up. The issue, due out today, gives us our first glimpse of a determined Jamie Fraser on the battlefield at Culloden.


EW also teased that this issue, dated October 7, 2016, also has a special treat from Herself, Diana Gabaldon. You can view the gallery with the first stills from season 3 here.

Stay tuned to Sister Geeks for more from the world of Outlander!


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