SUMMER 2016: 5 Previously Released Movies to Watch

 by T. Mack


The kiddos are out of school, the graduates have all tossed their caps, and our favorite TV shows have wrapped up the season and left us to fend for ourselves the next four months. Happy Summer! To help get you through the lull, I’ll be bringing you fun lists all week long that might help you fill the void. Today, I give you the gift of movies. Here’s a list of five recent releases that you should take time to check out if you’ve not done so already.


how to be single.jpg

How to be Single is not the best movie you’ll see this year. But that doesn’t make it a bad film. In fact, it’s pretty funny, and actually kinda cute. It even managed to make me an almost-fan of Dakota Johnson. If you’re a chick, gather you girls, pop some popcorn, pour some wine, and make a night of this one.



Zootopia is not just for kids. As a matter of fact, I watched this without my five-year-old. And I loved it! it’s cute, funny, and surprisingly real in speaking to the nature of our prejudices and preconceived notions. This one is totally worth your time, whether you have kids or not.


jungle book

The Jungle Book is a visual spectacle. If you grew up watching the old animated version, check this out for nostalgia’s sake. Whether you watched the previous film or not, see this one for the sheer visual brilliance of it. The voice acting is wonderful as well. This is simply a well-done and exceptionally beautiful piece of cinema. And it’s worth checking out for that reason, if nothing else.



Deadpool is hilarious. Period. See it because you will laugh. Because it’s hysterical. Even if you’re not into super hero movies, this is one to see. Do not punish yourself by missing this film. See it. I promise you’ll laugh… a lot.


civil war

Captain America: Civil War is a great super-hero movie, a terrific continuation of the Captain America franchise, and a fantastic addition to the MCU. If you’re one of us still hanging in there with superhero films, this is one not to be missed. Even if you haven’t been following the MCU, see this movie. It’s that good.

And that’s my list of 5 films of 2016 to get caught up on. What have I missed? Which movies are not on my list that you know I need to see? What’s been your favorite film of the year so far? Take to the comments and let me know.

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