Geek Chic… Goblin King Edition

By Jen P

jareth dance

Okay, so you know how androgenously sexy David Bowie was as Jareth, the Goblin King? Now, you can be too!!! (sock not included)

bowie want it

How ’bout them leather pants?

jareth pants

Find these faux leather jeans at Neiman Marcus here.

Get your shirt ruffle on… and vest.

Both from Liquiwork. Shirt here and vest here.

Fabulous boots to match.

jareth shoes

Grab them from Jildor here.

Here’s a mask very similar to the one he wears in the ballroom scene:

jareth mask

Get it from MessinaStudio here.

You can even smell like the Goblin King!

Jareth Scent

Get them from BumbleBoxGifts here.

Here’s a crystal ball to mystify and amaze:

jareth crystal

Get it from moonlightmystiques here.

The look won’t be complete without the hair. Watch that beautiful mullet fly!

glamorous bowie

jareth wig

Grab it from BbeautyDesigns here.

And to perfect that fabulous look, here’s a badass makeup tutorial:

Oh yeah, don’t forget a gift for the Sarah in your life:

Get the necklace from MissEsAccessories here, and the shirt from MondayGirlApparel here.

And you can’t be nice to Sarah without your morning cuppa Joe.

jareth coffee

Get it from CupOSmut here.

You can even deck your castle with Labyrinth Swag.

Get the Sarah/Jareth paint splash portrait from VividCity here, the doorknockers from MeadowHawkProps here, and the potted eye lichen from EnvyDolls here.

Now let out your fabulous inner Goblin King, and go get the girl! But no kidnapping. That ain’t cool, man.

bowie smirk

What do you think? Fun products? Want more? Like, comment, follow, and share! 

Later, Geeks!

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