DAMN, DAMN, DAMMIT TO HELL! I can’t afford to go to London!*

By T. Mack

Doctor Who festival

The Official Doctor Who Festival is happening! You read that right. This is not a drill, people!

November 13-15, 2015 will see an entire festival dedicated to the madman with a box and all the things that make him wonderful. The current Doctor, Peter Capaldi, will be there. Steven Moffat will be there. Other cast and writers will attend. I am losing my mind with the idea that Neil Gaiman could show up. The latest film sets as well as real costumes and props will be on display. The cosplay is going to be INSANE!!! Can you even imagine the possibilities? All I need is a red, leather jacket. I AM Martha Jones! Do you know how many tenth Doctors I could get photos with? I could fill an entire album! What if David Tennant shows up?! Or John Barrowman? Or Freema Agyeman? Catherine Tate? Billie Piper? Matt Smith? Karen Gillan? Alex Kingston?!?! What if classic Doctors show up? Peter Davidson or Tom Baker? Or an entire host of other people I love who likely won’t want to miss this any more than I do? OH. MY. GREAT. GUGGA-MUGGA!

But hold the phone. It’s not like I can get too excited. I am here, in central Alabama, after all. And the festival will be happening in London, England. Naturally. I mean, that completely makes perfect sense. It just SUCKS FOR ME because I do not have that life where I can just up and hop a plane with a $2000 ticket to London town. Not even for the Doctor.


If your life is better than mine and you can get there, tickets are on sale now. Go to doctorwhofestival.com for more details.

*I would like to apologize for my profanity. But at the writing of this, it is 5:00 in the morning, I have not been to bed and this announcement just popped up in my email. So you’re getting the raw and sleep-deprived version of my reaction to this news. Your forgiveness is appreciated.

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